Monaciello is Italian for little monk and is a myth similar to the leprechaun. The city of Naples was built over a tunnel system and the monaciello was believed to guard the monk's wine cellars in these tunnels. Legend records tales of these hobbit-monks secretly appearing to people in their most dire straights and providing exactly what was needed.

Sometimes a little Monaciello is all you really need!

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Our cellars contain pure whole foods from organic vegetables to free range duck and chicken eggs to grass-fed meats and pure Michigan wine. We are located in SW Michigan with weekly deliveries from Skokie to various points east along I-94. There is a $20 minimum order requirement and seasonal items are only available during the months specified.

I. Free Range Organic Meet & Eggs.
Chicken - $15
Chicken Eggs $5 / doz
Duck Breasts $18 - two pack
Duck Eggs. $5 / doz
Ground Beef $8 / lb
Ground Goat $8 / lb
Seasoned Apple Wood Chips $10 per can.

II. Organic Hydroponic Produce
Romain Lettuce $3.50
Butter Lettuce $3.00
Basil or Parley $3.00

III. Organic Preserves - $10
Raspberry Jelly - 4 oz
Strawberry Jelly - 4 oz
Tomatoes - 16 oz
Ube Butter - 4 oz

IV. Pure Michigan Wine
Reds: Cabernet Franc, Meritage Monk, Moscato Miane, Scisciano Clasico, Cancelliere Rosso
Whites: Moscato, Bianco Secco, Bianco Dolce, Cabernet Francchi
Fruit: Raspberry Mikayla, Strawberry Trie, Cool Beans, Ube Bee
Dessert: Pico Lemone

V. Specialty & Seasonal Items
Amish Grains & Noodles
Autumn Squash
Thanksgiving Turkeys (order by June 1)
Christmas Trees

To Place an order call 269-330-2347 or email us at zuriel_jm@yahoo.com

Monaciello Cellers® WineMaker Awards

Cancelliero Rosso:

~ Silver - 2016 Illinois Wine State Fair
~ Bronze - 2017 Indy International
~ Bronze - 2017 WineMaker International
~ Bronze - 2016 WineMaker International

Cabernet Franc:

~ Silver - 2017 Indy International

Moscato Misnne:

~ Bronze - 2018 Indy International

Dolce Bianco

~ Bronze at 2016 WineMaker International

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