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Everything at Monaciello Cellars is grown without toxic chemicals including the wine grapes we we use to create our hand-crafted wine vinegars! We accomplish this by integrating our Nigerian Dwarf goats, pastured pigs, and free-range muscovy ducks & chickens into our vineyard planning and design. Nature provides everything we need!

Our wine vinegars are hand-crafted from our all-natural estate wine grapes. We offer oak-aged wine vinegars in red, white, rosé and Cabernet wine vinegar varieties. We also produce fruit vinegars from our estate grown raspberries, strawberries, and elderberries along with an assortment of spiced-wine vinegar varieties.

Come for the Artesian Vingars but don't miss the opportunity to try our other pesticide-free products including our pasture-raised chickens. Delicious Orpington chickens are available each fall and are processed by a USDA inspected local butcher. Quantities are limited and we recommend reserving your fall birds in advance.

Try our delicious pork! We offer the same pasture-raised pigs we serve our family in both whole and half sizes! Our USDA processed pork includes deliciously smoked bacon and ham. It is the most amazing pork we've tasted. Pigs play an important role for our vineyard and this work provides them with the wholesome well-rounded diet that nature intended. Taste the difference!

Muscovy Ducks are not really ducks and their savory meat has been compared to veal and turkey. Our free-range muscovy have an all-natural diet and offer a wonderful culinary experience. We occasionally have savory young pastured-goat available from our farm. Inquire about availablity.

Our farmstead produces an abundance of all-natural spices and vegetables. Our specialty items include Italian heritage items like Melrose Peppers, San Marzano canning tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, zucchini, Broccoli Rabe and more.

Our all-natural Estate Wine Grapes are the key ingredient in our amazing wine vinegars. These same Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Moscato, Traminette, Chancellor, Saint Vincent grapes are available to wine club members.

From our homestead to yours! Monaciello Cellars Farm and Vineyards is featured in most of the Vineyard Chicks videos. Learn more about our integration with nature while enjoying some great homesteading videos!

The Vineyard Chicks farm-fresh chicken eggs are available in our store. Egg sales support the Vineyard Chicks and their homesteading-made-easy videos. They also sell young Orpington chicks and fertilized eggs.

We are deeply committed to organic, sustainable farming with balanced biological diversity. Learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we think the results are exceptional.