Monaciello is Italian for little monk and is a myth similar to the leprechaun. The city of Naples was built over a tunnel system and the monaciello was believed to guard the monk's wine cellars in these tunnels. Legend records tales of these hobbit-monks secretly appearing to people in their most dire straights and providing exactly what was needed.

Sometimes a little Monaciello is all you really need!

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Vintage 2016

Cabernet Franc ... $18
Michigan Wine Grapes estate grown Cabernet Franc aged in French Oak.

Moscato ... $18
A sweet white wine with with the characteristic grape aroma of our estate grown Moscato grapes.

Bianco Secco ... $18
Dry white Moscato wine, lightly aged in American Oak.

Scisciano ... $16
Specialty Italian-style dry red blend using our premium estate grapes.

Vino Rosato ... $16
Crisp and clean dry Rosè wine with a fragrant bouquet.

Bleu Bordoux ... $16
Sweet Organic Michigan Blueberry infused in our Vino Rosato.

Cancelliere Rosso ... $14
Our most decorated wine in 2016! Smooth dry red French style wine with a fruitful bouquet.

Pico Lemone ... $12
Sweet, Tart and Zesty! A refreshing summer wine reminiscent of Italian Lemonciello.


Coming in 2017: Traminette & Cherry Wine

Monaciello Cellers® 2016 WineMaker Awards

* Cancelliero Rosso ~ Bronze at 2016 WineMaker International

* Dolce Bianco ~ Bronze at 2016 WineMaker International

* Cancelliere Rosso ~ Silver at 2016 IllinoisWine State Fair


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