Everything at Monaciello Cellars is grown without toxic chemicals including the grapes we grow for our estate wines! We accomplish this by integrating our Nigerian Dwarf goats, pasture pigs, and free-range chickens and ducks in our vineyard design. Nature provides everything we need.

Pasture-Raised Pork

Pigs are an intricate part of our sustainable and biologically balanced farmstead. Every pig is periodically moved between our clean, fresh, organic pastures. Our pigs receive the wholesome diet that nature intended and only offered 100% non-GMO and locally sourced supplemental foods. Taste the difference!

Pastured Poultry & Eggs

Poultry is without question the most important aspect of our biologically balanced farming. We currently rely on three different species of birds and each has a specific role and niche on our farm. All of our birds are grass-fed, free-range and cage-free. A wonderful side benefit of our poultry project is delicious and healthy eggs and meat!

Organic Farmstead Produce

Our farmstead produces an abundance of all natural and organic vegetables and fruit. Our specialty items include Italian heritage items like Melrose Peppers, San Marzano canning tomatoes and Broccoli Rabe. We also grow organic strawberries, black raspberries, and wine grapes. Our microgreens and hydroponic setup produce an amazing salad assortment and also produces supplemental poultry feed.

Monaciello Cellars Wines

Advanced purchase of our award winning wine and naturally produced estate wines is now available. Each case includes our award-winning Cabernet Frank, Meritage Monk, Scisciano Chianti, Vino Rosso, Vino Rosato, Moscato Mianne, Bianco Secco, Bianco Dolce, and our fruit-infused wines. We also offer wine bonds and wine futures in anticipation of our grand opening in June, 2021!

Our Commitment:

We are deeply committed to organic, sustainable farming with balanced biological diversity. Learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we think the results are exceptional.

Vineyard Chicks Videos

From our homestead to yours! Our very own Vineyard Chicks produce an assortment of homestead, homemade and homeschool videos that share what works for us. Enjoy!

Our Commitment: We are deeply committed to organic farming and transparency in everything we do. Learn about what we do, how we do it, and why we think the results are exceptional. Connect with Us