Monaciello is Italian for little monk and is a myth similar to the leprechaun. The city of Naples was built over a tunnel system and the monaciello was believed to guard the monk's wine cellars in these tunnels. Legend records tales of these hobbit-monks secretly appearing to people in their most dire straights and providing exactly what was needed.

Sometimes a little Monaciello is all you really need!

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The Vineyards of Monaciello Cellars

Located in the Lake Michigan Shore APA, our vineyards include the Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscato, Traminette and more used to make our award winning wine. Sceenic nature trails, wild rasberries, a fire pit, wishing well, and play ground located near the vineyards.


Italian Winemaking Traditions
Winemaker and viticulturist Giuseppi Serpico has advanced degrees in plant science, education and physics. His father and uncles immigrated from Scisciano, Italy and brought with them a great heritage in winemaking. Scianiano is in the Naples province and just north of Mount Vesuvius where the wine of Roman Empire was produced. And according to legend these wines were protected by the monaciello.


2017 Cancelliere & St. Vincent
2017 Indy Medals
Wine Grape Varieties
First Three Acres
Cab Franc in Veraison
2nd Year Cabernet Franc
Feeding the Fire Pit
Moscato Grapes
Moscato Hill
Monaciello Nature Path
Raspberries in Bloom

Dad & Uncle Vince under the grapes.