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Monaciello translates to "little monk" in Italian. The monaciello is also an Italian myth similar to the leprechaun. The legendary monaciello lived in the tunnel system under the Italian city of Naples and was believed to guard the monk's wine cellars in these tunnels. Legend also records tales of these hobbit-monks secretly appearing to people in their most dire straights and providing them with exactly what was needed. Our family descends from this ancient wine and vinegar making area and we carry on these traditions that date back to beginnings of the Roman Empire.

Little Monk

Little Wine Maker

Wine & Vinegar Heritage

Vineyards of Monaciello Cellars

Located in the beautiful Lake Michigan Shore APA, our vineyards experience hot summer days with cool lake breeze nights and our sandy soils are sheltered by the lake from winter extremes. This combination of Lake Michigan Shore climate and soil provide a captivating terroir for wine and vinegar.

Ducks Foraging in the Vineyard

Our Commitment To Biologically Balanced & Sustainable Farming

We are deeply committed to organic, sustainable farming with balanced biological diversity. We never use pesticides or herbicides. Our woodlands are reduced to pasture by our goats. In turn our pigs cultivate the soil and prepare them for grape vine planting. Our vineyards are foraged by our ducks which keep our bug populations balanced. It takes a coordinated effort by entire farm. Meet some of our staff.

The Dwarves of Dubledoor Barn




The Vineyard Ducks

Runner Ducks


Muscovy Ducks

Visit Monaciello Cellars Farm & Vineyards

Located in Lawrence, Michigan our Fine Wine Vinegar Shop and vineyards are open by appointment only. Enjoy a fine wine vinegar tasting, breadstick and souvineer glass while overlooking our gardens, watch the Nigerian Dwarves work, or view the vineyard ducks foraging under the vines. To plan a visit, send email or call 269-330-2347.