Vineyards of Monaciello Cellars

Located in the beautiful Lake Michigan Shore APA, our vineyards experience hot summer days with cool lake breeze nights and our sandy soils are sheltered by the lake from winter extremes. This combination of Lake Michigan Shore climate and soil provide a captivating terroir for our wines.
Cabernet FrancRaspberriesMoscato

The Dwarves of Doubledoor

The Nigerian Dwarves of Doubledoor handle the most difficult land clearing jobs and act as weed control without using harmful chemicals! Biffur, Boffur, Bombur, Pica and company work tirelessly in ther vineyard so there is never any glycophosphate aftertaste in our wine or our produce. To meet the whole Doubledoor Dwarf crew click here.
Biffur and BoffurBomburPica

Smaug And The Woodland Ducks

In addition to helping our dwarves reduce weed pressure, our flock of feathered friends controls insect pressure in our vineyards and crops. In addition to eating bugs so we do not need to spray pesticides, our feathered-friends also provide the added bonus of deliciously rich free-range organic eggs! Our viticulturist and winemaker is a science professor and integrates the most, relevant, sustainable and environmentally-friendly techniques to produce the most nutritional and purest grapes, greens, eggs and meat possible.
Runner Ducks Smaug Greenhouse

The Legendary Monaciello

Our winemakers are the decedents of wine makers from Scisciano, Italy. Scisciano is located near Mount Vesuvius in the Naples province. The grapes and winemakers of this region have produced some of the world's finest wine. They were the winemakers of the Roman Empire and the grapes grown in that region are known as the Tears of Christ (Lacryma Christi). It is also from the Neapolitan region that the legend of the Monaciello originates. And although they were known as the guardians of the monk's wine they have also have preserve our great winemaking traditions
Little MonkLittle Wine MakerWine-Making Heritage

Visit Monaciello Cellars

We open our vineyards to guests by appointment only. For a nominal donation, we offer a petting zoo for kids, pony rides, and samples from our cellar. To plan a visit, call us at 616-965-1164.