Monaciello Cellars Farmstands

Our farmstead products are available through the summer at the following farmer's markets or at our farm by appointment.

Wednesdays: Elmhurst Farmers Market
Saturdays: Lawrence Farmers Market

Products available at each market vary depending on the individual market rules. The following products may be available:

(1) Clean Fresh Hydroponic Lettuce
(2) Microgreen Peas
(3) Microgreen Salad Mix
(4) Microgreen Broccoli
(5) Swiss Chard
(6) Zucchini & Yellow Squash
(7) Cucumbers
(8) Tomatoes (Cherry & San Marzano)
(9) Melrose Peppers (Italian Sweet Peppers)
(10) Broccoli Rabe
(11) Seasonal Fruit
(12) Homemade Cranberry Granola Cereal
(13) Chicken Eggs
(14) Duck Eggs
(15) Pastured Pork Sampler Packs
(16) Salad Dressing
(17) Wine

For more information or to plan a visit to our farm you may contact us at 616-965-1164.