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Pastured-Poultry Prices:

Pastured Chicken - $10 whole (USDA Processed)
Muscovy Breast - $20 Split (USDA Processed)

Note: Chicken and Muscovy is available in late September-October and sells out fast. They are pasture-raised and pesticide-free, antiboitic-free, GMO-free, herbicide-free and always naturally raised.

Chicken Eggs - Sold by The Vineyard Chicks

* Chicken Eggs $4/ dozen
* Fertilized Orpington Hatching Eggs $18/ half-dozen.
* Baby Orpingtons or Muscovy - Straight Run - $5 each.

Note: The Vineyard Chicks sell our all-natural eggs at our store. Please consider purchasing these pasture-fed, non-GMO eggs when visiting to support their Homesteading-Made-Easy Videos.

Goat Meat

We currently keep all ADGA Does and try to re-home our non-registerable does. All unsold boys are whethered at 10-12 weeks. Whethers and does that do not find new homes are available for meat (USDA local butcher) at 1-year of age. This is a very limited supply so contact us early for availablity and pricing.