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* Orpington Color-Cross Hatching Eggs: $18 per half-dozen

* Baby Color-Cross Orpington Chicks: $5 each

* Baby Muscovy Ducks: $5

* Iron-On T-shirt Decals: $10 (more if unique artwork required)

**Prices do not include shipping, charges can be determined if you are unable top pick up items.

* Nigerian Dwarf ADGA Buckling (disbudded buckskin w/ blue eyes): $250 or trade.

* Nigerian Dwarf non-ADGA Buckling (disbudded brown w/ blue eyes): $150 or trade

Items from our videos that we can build for trade: * PVC Chicken Tractor (6'x10'x3')

* Ohio Chicken Brooder w/ Chicken Wire Surround

* Hydroponic PVC Tower

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Looking to make a deal? We are in the market for hay, a donkey, Dexter cattle, a male Australian Shepherd or Maremma Sheepdog, a used drum set, HD drone, small john boat, paddle boat or row boat, working minibike or go-cart, livestock or chicken feed or anything along these lines!

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Cooking So Easy With Bunkie: Three Easy Microgreen Recipes. (EP-20)

In this video Bunkie shows how to make 3 easy recipes using homegrown microgreens! She uses broccoli rabe microgreens to make Italian Greens & Beens, sweet pea microgreens served as an appetizer and Johnny's microgreen salad mix as a topping on salad. Together, all 3 recipes make an entire meal! Enjoy!

DIY How To Hanging Hydroponic Indoor Garden Anyone Can Do! (EP-19)

In this video Kay-Kay demonstrates how anyone can make this DIY How-to Homemade Hydroponic Hanging Garden! With clear step-by-step instructions you learn how to make the decorative planters, start the seedlings in rock wool, mix the hydroponic solution, and add the lettuce, broccoli, and basil sprouts to hanging baskets inside the containers. This video also includes more tips on making the planters and starting your very own hydroponic hanging garden!

Interview With The Butcher: The Best Cuts of Pork (EP-18)

In this episode, the Vineyard Chick's Trie Interviews the Smokin Butcher in Decatur, Michigan and learns all about cuts such as ham, pulled pork, bacon, sausage, and pork chops. This video also provides information on how we raise our pastured-pork and how you can find trial packs and/or reserve you own whole or half pig.

Easy Italian Garlic Pasta Recipe Cooks in 10 minutes! (EP-17)

In this episode, Bunkie shows how to cook an easy garlic and tomato pasta using our very own San Marzano tomato! Cook Time: 10-12 minutes. Mmmmmm......Dats a nice gravy!

How To Repurpose With Acrylic (EP-16)

Join the Vineyard Chicks as they reuse and repurpose old drums into a barrel racing track for their horses and beautify these old drums with acrylic paint. The process begins with a how-to-lesson on making stencils using the Cricut and then having a blast with paint! Trie also repurposes a pair of Dad's old boots into a pair of adorable yellow vineyard chicks boots.

Fall Gardening with the Monaciello (EP-15)

This episode is about fall preparations on organic and sustainable homesteads. We cover everything from employing the pigs and chickens to turn over the summer garden to what we plant in our fall greenhouse garden and cool weather hydroponics and microgreens. We also purchased some garlic this fall from MIGardener and we planted it outdoors with some kale. Check out the video to see all the fall gardening secrets we learned from the monaciello.

Cooking for Kids: Easy No-Mess Microwave Egg Recipes (EP-14)

In this video we take some old and forgotten items and put them together to make a mobile chicken tractor that we can move around the vineyard and farm!

DIY Low-Cost Chicken Tractor (EP-13)

In this video we take some old and forgoten items and put them together to make a mobile chicken tractor that we can move around the vineyard and farm!

How To Catch A Chicken with Funny Chicken Jokes (EP-12)

In this video a 5-year old teaches how to catch chicken strategies in a hilarious interview. This video includes live footage with detailed explanations.

Adele's When We Were Young Cover Song (EP-11)

In this episode the Vinewyard Chicks perform a cover of Adele's When We Were Young and include some video of their younger selves and their baby farm animals!

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Easy Tomato Canning with Secret Sauce Recipe (EP-10)

In this episode we reveal our easy tomato canning method that requires no peeling and no seeding using a food processor, canner and san marzano tomatos with our secret pasta sauce recipe.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats Make Funny Pets (EP-9)

In this episode we introduce are new Nigerian Dwarf kids, the barn we built for our goats and our the goat's play ground!

Be Nice: Tribute/Parody Song (EP-8)

The Vineyard Chicks perform a cover of "Be Nice" by the Blackeyed Peas including a barnyard themed parody video and rap featuring Mi da G.O.A.T.. Along with the cover, they created some cool Merch featuring BE Nice, It Pays.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Vineyard? (EP-7)

....To get to the chicken & duck coop. The Vineyard Chicks give a tour of our poultry practices. In addition to providing us with great tasting eggs, our lovable birds also care for the vineyard and and reduce bugs in the barnyard.

Amish Auction & Consignment Sale(EP-6)

The Vineyard Chicks travel to an Amish Auction for some cultural experience and some great deals too!

If A 5-Year-Old Can Make Instant Pot Yogurt, ANYONE Can! (EP-5)

The youngest Vineyard Chick makes homemade yougurt in the Instant Pot with just a tiny bit of help from her sisters.

Zucchini Coming Out of Our Ears (EP-4)

We planted so much zucchini and and summer squash that we can't keep up! Join the Vineyard Chicks as they compare different methods for preserving and dehydrating these vegetables.

Cereal: Thinking Outside the Box! (EP-3)

Join the Vineyard Chicks making their favorite cereal using only a few healthy ingredients.

Boots Are Made For Walking (EP-2)

The Vineyard Chicks have fun trying on boots at TSC and made cover song and video for Boots Are Made For Walking to celebrate!

Sour Patch Kid (EP-1)

Watch Bunkie's reaction as her tastebuds first experience cranberries!