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Welcome to our homestead! We hope the journey of three girls learning and doing homesteading inspires others to follow their dreams. We share tips and tricks that make homesteading easy and fun! We also share expert advise and interviews with farmers, tractor dealers, butchers, farriers, Amish neighbors and more! Our parents produce all-natural vinegars and some of our videos share how they take a biologically balance approach to regenerative farming. We are grateful to everyone who has been apart of our videos and learning and we are also grateful to you for being apart of our homesteading community!

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About Us

The Vineyard Chicks are Kay Kay, Trie & Bunkie. And although we live on an all-natural biologically balanced vineyard we have our own homestead adventures within our parents farm. What started as an egg selling enterprise has resulted in our taking over the family goats. We also enjoy making things and researching ways to make homestead easier! We hope you finds some helpful ideas here and become a member of our homesteading community!

Video Deep Dive Blog

Kay-Kay to write and her blog is all about the latest and greatest homestead happenings! Look here for behind-the-scenes details that didn't make the video cuts, detailed summaries of our videos including extra information, resources and more.

Paws At The Thought: Comics by Trie

Trie loves to draw! She enjoys creating fictional characters, designing super heroes and farm funnies. She has just started uploading her images from her sketch pad but watch for more soon!

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