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Welcome to our homestead! Our videos & blogs are here to share what our family has learned about natural and sustainable farming. Our videos and in-depth blogs share what works for homesteading and backyard farming and how we prep for winter including our favorite recipes and storage techniques. We also share some of our favorite farm animals and music too! We hope you enjoy your visit!

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About Us

Hi, we're the Vineyard Chicks (Kay Kay, Trie & Bunkie) and this page is about us. We live on a vineyard in Michigan and we raise chickens so the name was a perfect fit! In addition to grapes & chicks we also raise goats, ducks, pigs and grow organic vegetables. Our farm/vineyard is 100% natural and everything we raise is pasture-fed with intentional cycles for optimal sustainability. We will share about how we make things work organically in our space. Click here to learn more.

Video Deep Dive Blog

In this blog, I show you things that weren't in the video, such as behind-the-scenes and hidden details, and summaries of the videos. We will also post more detailed instructions are building projects and additional information we did not have time to include in the video.

KayKay's Blog

In this blog, we share things that are happening on the farm and vineyard, subjects that probably won't end up as videos, and more!

Paws At The Thought: Comics by Trie

Trie will be posting her comics and art that feature our farmstead animals and perhaps even their funny thoughts.

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