Hi we're the Vineyard Chicks (Kay Kay, Trie & Bunkie)
The Vineyard Chicks name came from the facts that we live on an 18-acre homestead and vineyard in Michigan and the first farm-animals we raised were ducklings and chicks. Since moving from the big city to our homestead & vineyard we've learned a lot and we share all our experiences online. Our dad is a science teacher and has a Master's degree in Plant Science and our Mom has a background in archetecture and building. They encourage us research and develop new strategies for our homestead. Our homestead uses no pesticides or herbicides and we try to utilize what God provides to create a sustainable homestead. In addition to 3,500 grape vines along with a modest section of raspberries, strawberries and elederberries. We also keep a 100'x50' garden including our new raised garden beds. Our garden includes market gardening strategies that we use to prep for winter including San Marzano tomatoes, peppers, squash and pumpkins along with seasonal greens. Each season we raise pigs for meat and we have recently started a small herd of Dexter Cattle (Does three count as a heard?). We also raise chickens for both meat and eggs and we raise our chickens in fresh pasture using our PVC Chicken Tractors. The most useful animals on our farm are by farm, however, our goats and ducks and we have several videos and blogs explaining why!

Our videos and blog updates feature lots of our farm animals but also things we build to improve our homestead. We also share how we preserve our produce, our favorite recipe's using the blessings from our farm, crafts that make homesteading easier and even some of our music. Did we mention we love music? Learn more about what we love and enjoy in the surveys below.

Interview Questions:Kay-KayTrieBunkie
What's your favorite color? Purple GreenSky Blue
What's your favorite animal?Our GoatsMy dogPika (Goat)
Who is your hero?Daniel, The ProphetPaul of TarsusJesus
What are your favorite activities? Writing, Reading Novels, Playing PianoDrawing & Playing DrumsDrawing and Writing
What are your favorite homeschool subjects? Science and EnglishMath and CodingScience
What thoughts do you have about future careers?Biologist or WriterEngineeringScientist
What is the next farm animal you would like to buy?DonkeyOstrichGerman Shephard
What is your least favorite chore?DishesDishesPicking Apples
What is something you would like to do?Enter a Spelling BeeRide Maud (cow)Go to McDonald's
What super power do you wish you had?Super Speed (Flash)Create Stuff (Green Latern)Flying Suit (Iron Man)
What is your favorite food?BroccholiBaconChocolate or Mango Cake
What is your least favorite food?ZucciniBroccholiJalepeno Peppers
What was your favorite videoGoats 101: Caring for New Goats on Your HomesteadBest PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor for Pastured PoultryHow to Candle Chicken Eggs and Make a PVC Candling Device
What is your favorite song>Just the Same - Francesca BattestelliSeaguls Stop That Now - Bad Lip ReadingA Million Dreams Parody - Vineyard Chicks