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Interview With The Butcher: The Best Cuts of Pork (EP-18)

What Cuts Are Available When Buying A Whole or Half Pig?

Bacon - Belly
Ham Hocks - Lower Legs
Loin - Back
Picnic Steaks - Front Legs
Pork Chops - Back
Pulled Pork - Top Shoulder
Smoked Ham - Rear Legs
Spare Ribs - Sides
Sausage is season ground pork from side and extra cuts. Depending on spices used sausage can be packaged in many flavors.

Pastured Pork is meat sold from pigs that live in pastures or forests and are free to select natural food sources. These pigs are leaner and healthier because they are naturally exercised, have a complete and natural diet, and rarely require antibiotics or other drugs. Comments & Questions: Please click on the YouTube video at the top of this page to leave questions and comments about this article and video. Be sure to subscribe to the Vineyard Chicks YouTube channel for more articles and videos like this! Thanks for visiting! If you like our videos please let us know by subscribing to our YouTube channel and leaving a comment.

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Date: 11/30/2019