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We produced, used and stored nearly 2000 lbs of food from our homestead in 2021 check out our homesteading and prepping goals for 2021!

How Much Food Can we Produce?

But if you'd prefer to checkout some of our lastest songs please check out the link below!

Vineyard Chicks Music

About Us

The Vineyard Chicks are Kay Kay, Trie & Bunkie and even though we come together to be a more self-suffient homestead, we still have our individual interests. KayKay loves her goats and is affectionally called the goat-professor. Trie is all about D-I-Y and how-to videos for homesteading skills, technology and art. And even though we often call her D-I-Y Trie we sometimes call here Spoon Girl so be sure to see her play spoons in some of our Vineyard Chicks songs. Bunkie is our resident gardener and she loves plants and knows more about gardening than any of us! Our channel became so diverse that we decided in 2022 to branch off and each start a channels for things that do not necessarily always include all three of us. So if you are especially interested in KayKay's solo music, Trie's Technology Tips or Bunkie's Garden please check out the links below.

Joyful Noise & Notes

In addition to her love for Nigerian Dwarf goats and her trip named after Lord of the Rings dwarves, KayKay is the driving musical force behind the Vineyard Chicks. KayKay plays piano, guitar, trombone and loves to sing. Joyful Noise and Notes features KayKay's worship and praise songs and some other noteworthy songs that she appreciates. Check out her solo songs at this YouTube channel.

Trie Designs

Trie loves to create, design and draw! On our homestead she is always building and designing cool stuff for our animals but she also loves to draw and design banners, websites and more! Stop by Trie Designs to learn how to do some cool techy things or see her animations in action!

Bunkie's Garden

Bunkie Loves gardening and she is an active learner in the field of horticulture. Bunkie is constantly researching, learning and experimenting and she loves sharing all her gardening tricks, techniques and stories with you! And is she likes to say. "If I can do it...I know you can do it!

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Welcome to our homestead! This is the journey of three girls learning and we hope that what we learn and share inspires others to follow their own dreams of being more self-sufficient. We share our best tips and tricks that make homesteading easy and fun and with amazing D-I-Y Projects by our very own D-I-Y Trie!

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