Monaciello Cellars plans to open in June of 2021 but you may reserve wine in 3 ways.

1. Advanced Sales: Variety Cases include a bottle of each of our 12 wines and will be available for pick up or delivery when we officially open for business. Variety Cases sell for $200. There is a limited number of variety cases and we expect to sell out before we open our doors for business.

2. Wine Bonds - Looking for a return on investment that you can truly celebrate? Monaciello Cellars Wine bonds pay 4% interest per year and mature in 5 years. Interest, however, is paid in wine. You can choose your wines annually or upon maturity when your principal is returned. Wine bonds are sold in increments of $500.

3. Wine Futures - This option is for investors that are looking to invest in tangible futures with a chance to make beyond-market gains. This investment will be 100% repaid in wine at 4% + rate of company growth above 4%. Wine futures are sold in increments of $1000 and are repaid in wines of your choice annually over 5 years.

Monaciello Cellars Wines Award Winning Wines

Cabernet Franc - Estate grown French Classic, Medium bodied, aged in French Oak.

Meritage Monk - Estate grown Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon front this Bordeaux-inspired, oak-aged, French-style classic.

Scisicano - Estate grown Sangiovese drives this Chianti-inspired bold Italian-style classic.

Vino Rosso - This smooth red table wine aged in oak is the perfect wine with pasta and marinara.

Vino Rossato - Silky-smooth and semi-sweet rose made from St. Vincent grapes.

Moscato Mianne - Our sweetest wine with the rich grape flavors the name implies.

Bianco Secco - Crisp dry white wine made from Chardonnel grapes.

Bianco Dolce - Semi-sweet Traminette wine made in the style of its parent, Gewurztraminer.

Limone Trie - Sweet, Italian-style lemonciello infused white wine.

Raspberry Bunkie - Sweet Raspberry infused deep rose wine.

Strawberry Mikayla - Sweet strawberry wine blended from four types of strawberries.

Ube Bee - Ube is often found in Asian deserts and we think it makes an amazing compliment to our version of a Roman melomel.

For more information you may contact us at 616-965-1164.