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Can I buy wine from Monaciello Cellars?

Not exactly. We expect to begin shipping in 2022 and we will begin reserving pre-orders soon for Meritage, Chianti, Moscoto, Sweet-Traminette, Dry-Traminette, and St. Vincent Rose. Please check back soon for details!

Why Monaciello Cellars Wine Grapes?

(1) Our vineyards are located in the beautiful Lake Michigan Shore APA, our vineyards experience hot summer days with cool lake breeze nights and our sandy soils are sheltered by the lake from winter extremes. This combination of Lake Michigan Shore climate and soil provide a captivating terroir for wine and vinegar.

(2) We are commitment to Biologically Balanced and Sustainable Farming. This means there will never be any pesticides or herbacides in our products. It also means no chemical after tastes.

(3) We grow exceptional varieties of grapes in the Midwest. We currently grow cultivars of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chancellor Muscato, Sangiovese, St Vincent and Traminette.

(4) Our grapes are hand-picked and feremented using traditional Italian techniques. Before being converted to vinegar the wine is carefully fermented and aged.